Get Involved

College students represent a lot of votes—together we can help determine the outcome of local, state and national elections. To have a voice in moving our country forward, we must participate in the democratic process.

Through the 49er Democracy Experience, we encourage and inspire classmates, friends, family, professors—our fellow citizens—to engage in creating the America they envision.

Ways to get involved

Campaign signs

UNC Charlotte Policy 601.9 requires all lawn signs to be approved by Conference, Reservations, and Event Services (CRES). CRES only approves temporary lawn signs that are in conjunction with a University Sponsored Program or Event, or a Non-Affiliated Program or Event that has been registered and approved by CRES. Accordingly, unaccompanied lawn signs that are not connected with a registered event, including campaign signs, will be removed from campus and discarded.

UNC Charlotte is hosting early voting on campus. In conjunction with early voting, CRES has permitted the Board of Elections to post temporary lawn signs for directional, parking and informational purposes in and around the early voting location. In addition, CRES will permit other unaccompanied lawn signs, including campaign signs, to be placed in a designated area near the early voting site. Campaign signs posted outside of the designated area will be removed from campus and discarded.

After the early voting period, all unaccompanied lawn signs will be removed from the designated area and discarded.