Niners elected to posts statewide and nationally

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Election night 2020 proved big for Niner Nation. Former Student Body President Richard Hudson was reelected to the U.S. Congress. A record 14 alumni were elected to the N.C. General Assembly, and two gained seats on the N.C. Court of Appeals.


Congressman Richard Hudson, U.S. House District 8

Congressman Richard Hudson
U.S. House District 8
B.A. History, 1996


DeAndrea Salvador, Mecklenburg County -- Photo: Piper Warlick Photography

Elected for the first time
DeAndrea Salvador
Mecklenburg County
B.S. Economics, 2013

Joyce Waddell, Mecklenburg County

Joyce Waddell
Mecklenburg County
M.A. Education, 1973

Vickie Sawyer, Iredell County

Vickie Sawyer
Iredell County
B.A. Special Education, 1997

Mujtaba Mohammed, Mecklenburg County

Mujtaba Mohammed
Mecklenburg County
B.A. History, 2008

Ted Alexander, Cleveland, Gaston and Lincoln County

Ted Alexander
Cleveland, Gaston and Lincoln Counties
B.A. Political Science, 1982

Dave Craven, Randolph and Guilford County

Dave Craven
Randolph and Guilford Counties
B.A. Political Science and B.S. Business Administration and Accounting, 2012


Terry Brown, Mecklenburg County

Elected for the first time
Terry Brown
Mecklenburg County
B.A. Political Science, 2009

Brian Farkas, Pitt County

Elected for the first time
Brian Farkas
Pitt County
B.A. Political Science, 2009

Dean Arp,Union County

Dean Arp
Union County
M.S. Civil Engineering, 1999

Mary Belk, Mecklenburg County

Mary Belk
Mecklenburg County
B.A. Political Science, 2006

Jason Saine, Lincoln County

Jason Saine
Lincoln County
B.A. Political Science, 1995

Cecil Brockman, Guilford County

Cecil Brockman
Guilford County
B.A. Political Science 2006

Kelly Hastings, Cleveland and Gaston County

Kelly Hastings
Cleveland and Gaston Counties
Teaching Certificate, 2009

Jake Johnson, Henderson and Polk County

Jake Johnson
Henderson and Polk Counties
B.A. Political Science, 2016


Fred Gore, Seat 5 - photo cred: Flashin Feathers

Fred Gore
Seat 5
B.S. Business Administration-Marketing,1998

Jeff Carpenter, Seat 7

Jeff Carpenter
Seat 7
B.A. Political Science, 1994

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